Sam Houston National Forest

One of the four national forests in Texas, Sam Houston National Forest is 50 miles north of Houston. The forest contains 163,037 acres that reach between Huntsville, Conroe, Cleveland and Richards. With land reaching into Montgomery, Walker and San Jacinto counties, the Sam Houston National Forest intermingles with private farms and timber lands.

Managed under a multiple-use concept, the national forest provides recreation, fish, wildlife, timber, soil and water, grazing and minerals all designed to provide a balance among the benefits while we are providing for the needs of the public.

A popular way to enjoy the beauty of the forest is hiking. The Lone Star Hiking Trail sprawls 128 miles, some of which goes through Sam Houston National Forest. The trail has gained National Recreation Trail status.

Primitive camping is permitted off the trail, except for during deer hunting season when camping is restricted to designated camps. Forty miles of the Lone Star Hiking Trail spans through the Lake Conroe section, which lies west of the lake.

The section begins near the intersection of FS 219 and FM 149. It has four connecting loops.